Level: Advanced
Presenter: Alissa White

In this workshop, we will look at how site characteristics influence the strategies that farmers use to manage for drought and heavy precipitation. Alissa will share results from a regional survey of 200 vegetable and berry farmers in the Northeast, highlighting how farmers are adapting to the impacts of increasingly extreme weather. The session will close with farmer-to-farmer discussions about the most innovative and promising ideas identified by growers across the region.

Buckwheat: Good for The Ground, Good For You!

Level: Advanced
Presenters: Thor Oechsner and Amy Halloran

Get the buckwheat basics from organic grain farmer Thor Oechsner. He’ll show you what to expect from field to harvest, covering its benefits to soil health and farm economics, and equipment and other handling needs. Author Amy Halloran will talk about the history of this non-glutinous food, and make pancakes. You’ll leave ready to include this plant on your farm, and on your plate.



Level: Advanced
Presenter: Larry Duane Geohring

Learn about sub-surface drainage systems and flood mitigation.


Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Eli Rogosa

Join us to discover the forgotten grains, farming and baking traditions of early wheat farmers. Eli Rogosa, a food and farming anthropologist, has traveled the world from ancient Mideastern to remote Caucasus Mountain villages, collecting forgotten ancient wheat species and food traditions. Eli will share the traditional baking methods of village grandmothers, and the earth-wise farming practices of the grandfathers. Together we will share our experiences growing and baking with low-gluten, high nutrition ancient wheats, and practical methods to restore forgotten crops in vital soil. We will taste Einkorn sourdough bread, and share ancient wheats seeds of delicious Caucasus Mountain Zanduri wheat.

Value Adding to the Max: How to Grow, Clean, and Process Cereal Grains

Level: Intermediate
Presenter: George Wright

George Wright of Castor River Farm will take you through how he manages to make a living by growing cereal grains on 44 acres. Right from seed to milled flour at the farmers' market. How his kids take it further making soap with oats, mixing up pancakes, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

How Grilled Cheese Saved the Family Farm

Level: Beginner
Presenter: George Wright

Paying for university for three kids was going to be a turning point in our farm. Odds are, I was going to have to go back to framing monster homes. Instead, my kids, having grown up in our farmers’ market booth, learned how to hustle, get up early, look a customer in the eye, and realize how value adding our products was the ticket to pay their own university, buy a house, and drive a Porsche! I will explain with pride how they did it.