Level: Advanced
Presenter: Andre Brito, PhD

Organic dairy is one of the largest segments of organic agriculture in the United States, second only to fruits and vegetables. However, consumption of organic fluid milk and sales have declined, which can threaten the sustainability of organic dairy farms in the Northeast and beyond. The objective of this workshop is to educate farmers, extension educators, students, and the general public about the nutritional value of milk from bioactive fatty acids (e.g., omega-3, CLA) to trace minerals (e.g., iodine) relative to human health in comparison to non-dairy drinks, so that farmers and allied industry can capitalize on new marketing opportunities. The increased demand for grass-fed organic milk and the use of kelp meal as a source of iodine will be extensively discussed.



Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Tusha Yakovleva

Should you add edible weeds to your harvest lists? Market opportunities for culinary weeds that thrive in cultivated fields are increasing. This workshop will introduce the top marketable weeds of the Northeast and discuss harvesting techniques, pricing considerations, consumer education, and potential sales venues. We will touch on how to incorporate edible weeds into a farm's weed management plan; the ecological considerations that go along with weedy harvests; and what types of farms are best matched to benefit from weeds as crops. Tusha will draw on her experience as a farmer-forager and the NE-SARE guide “Edible Weeds from Farm to Market”.


Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Daniel Eggert

As a farmer, the fundamental purpose is to grow your inventory. Selecting the right seeds for the right market at the right time of year is a key to success. Fresh market, wholesale, storage, disease resistance, productivity are major components to consider. Join Daniel Eggert from Harris Seeds Organic on how to find what’s right for your farm.


Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Bob Cat Bonagura

With local food and farming on the rise, what are you doing to stand out? Do you want to just be another market farmer, or do you want people to see you as unique and on the cutting edge? Learn how to leverage what makes you unique to help you stand out in the market.


Level: Beginner
Presenter: Jarmila Haseler

Consumer interest in farming is increasing. Many consumers shop locally, buy directly from farmers, or frequent farm-to-table restaurants. Others grew up on farms and hope to reconnect with their past. There are many ways to capitalize on this interest - but which one is right for you? This workshop will cover basic aspects of starting and running an agritourism as an additional source of revenue.