Kate Anstreicher

Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming
A recent graduate of Yale University, Kate began working at Glynwood in April 2018. She provides assistance in Glynwood's Regional Food Program and Farmer Training Program. When not coordinating farmer workshops, communicating with New York cider makers or facilitating the Hudson Valley CSA Coalition, Kate enjoys playing the violin, hiking, and finding creative ways to use her CSA share!

Jay Armour

Four Winds Farm
Jay and Polly have been farming organically in the Hudson Valley since 1988. Over the years they have built up a successful business and have a reputation of producing high quality seedlings and vegetables.

Robert Arnold

Smart Farm Innovations, LLC
Using extensive farming and IT experience, Robert focuses on ways to help farmers use technology to enhance everyday life, provide peace of mind and increased efficiency. He installs and sells monitoring systems and WiFi & networking products designed for farm environments and offers comprehensive tech support to farms.


Dani Baker

Cross Island Farms
Dani Baker, a former psychologist, and her partner David Belding started Cross Island Farms in 2006 as her "retirement gig." In addition to annual vegetables, animals, and agritourism, in 2013 she began to plan and plant her one acre "Enchanted Edible Forest Garden" which is entering its eighth year. Including fruits, nuts, berries, herbs, flowers and other edibles, the garden has added significant income streams and agritourism interest to the farm.

Wendy Burkhart-Spiegel

Common Thread Community Farm
Wendy has worked on organic farms in the Northeast since 1996, primarily on CSAs. She and her partner Asher are in their 7th season at Common Thread Farm where they grow on 20 acres for CSA, Farmers Markets, and a bit of wholesale.


Nichki Carangelo

Letterbox Farm Collective
Nichki Carangelo is a farmer and partner at Letterbox Farm Collective in Hudson, NY. There, she manages livestock and retail sales. She is also the author of the upcoming book Raising Pastured Rabbits for Meat.

Frank Cetera

The Alchemical Nursery Project
Lion-hearted and thorn-pawed. Advanced Certified with NY State Small Business Development Center to provide publicly funded planning assistance to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Urban homesteading slow food advocate.


Linley Dixon

Real Organic Project
Linley Dixon has a PhD in Plant Pathology and a Masters in Soil Science specializing in Organic Agriculture. She owns and operates a three-acre intensive vegetable organic farm in SW Colorado and has organized the farmer-led add-on labeling certification program for the Real Organic Project for the last two years. The Real Organic Project's mission is to unite the organic movement around soil health, pastured livestock, and protecting organic integrity.

Kate Downes

NY FarmNet
Kate Downes is the Outreach Director for NY FarmNet, a program based at Cornell University that provides free, confidential, on-farm guidance to any farmer in New York State in times of crisis, growth, or opportunity. NY FarmNet works with farmers and farm families in a holistic way to achieve both farm business and personal goals. In her role, she's become a leader on issues of rural and farmer mental health and works cooperatively to provide resources and support systems within New York agriculture, telling the story of rural New Yorkers and sharing its unique culture.


Maria Grimaldi

Panther Rock Farm
Maria Grimaldi is a farmer and NOFA-NY volunteer and education adjunct, who is committed to promoting education that NOFA-NY brings to consumers, farmers, and businesses throughout the state, but especially in the Catskill/Hudson region.


CorinNe Hansch

Lovin’ Mama Farm
Corinne is an organic farmer, florist, and homeschooling mother to three wild and happy farm kids.

John Hayden

The Farm Between
John Hayden has been working to design and implement agricultural systems with positive environmental and social outcomes for over 35 years as a researcher, extension agent, university educator, international consultant, and practicing regenerative organic farmer. He has an MS in entomology with a focus on ecological pest management, has conducted native bee research, and has served on the Vermont Pollinator Protection Committee.

Nancy Hayden

Nancy J. Hayden is a writer, farmer, artist, and former environmental engineering professor. She’s head berry picker on the farm and makes awesome fruit pies. She’s also a keen student of World War I history and recently published The Great Dark, Noir and Horror Stories of World War One.

Eric Houppert

Deep Root Farm
Eric Houppert is the owner and farmer at Deep Root Farm located just outside of Rochester, NY. He has been farming vegetables for 7 years and is entering the third season operating is own diversified market farm. Deep Root is continuing to grow and increase production while selling produce through a CSA , farmers' market and to various restaurants around the city.


Lindsy Iglesias

Cornell AgriTech
Lindsy is a postdoctoral research associate at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, NY. She is currently researching how to manage onion thrips in organic onion production as well as investigating color preferences and trapping tools for the newly invasive allium leafminer. Lindsy has also done work in insect pest management in organic fruit systems in the southeastern US.


Tina Jacobs

Devine Gardens LLC
After Tina used vermicompost in her own garden and grew bigger, healthier plants without the use of harmful chemicals, she wanted to make it available to fellow gardeners. She started a farm-based business centered on making the best vermicompost possible with tremendous help from red wigglers and a small herd of Dexter beef cattle.


Megan Larmer

Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Agriculture
Megan is instrumental in continuing and expanding Glynwood’s niche as a convener and creative producer of efforts that will ensure the Hudson Valley is a region defined by food. Central themes of her work at Glynwood include increasing the viability of farming in the Hudson Valley and establishing a food culture that is closely tied to agriculture. Previously, Megan was Director of Strategic Initiatives and Community Outreach for Slow Food USA. She holds an MA degree in Anthropology from SOAS, University of London, where her research focused on seed exchange, first-generation women farmers and food heritage. Megan continues her social science research on food and farming as a PhD student at the University of Exeter’s Center for Rural Policy Research.

Matthew Leon

Lovin’ Mama Farm
Matthew is an organic farmer, soil science nerd, and father to three wild and happy homeschooled kids.

Maryrose Livingston

Northland Sheep Dairy
Maryrose Livingston owns Northland Sheep Dairy with her husband, Donn Hewes. She also serves on the Board of Directors of NOFA-NY and the Governing Council of the Organic Farmers Association.


Alice Percy

Fedco Seeds
Alice is the author of Happy Pigs Taste Better and a coordinator at Fedco Seeds. She managed Treble Ridge Farm, a certified organic hog farm in Maine, for over a decade.

Andrew Leslie Phillips

Hancock Permaculture
Andrew is a certified permaculture instructor, journalist, writer, radio producer and community radio consultant. In 2004, Andrew established the Hancock Permaculture Center at the headwaters of the Delaware River. The Center actively promotes permaculture-based businesses and lifestyles through support of permaculture education, eco-friendly home design and construction, greenhouse gardening, and water conservation and home heating alternatives.

Nancy Pierro

Weston A. Price Foundation
As retired Family and Consumer Science Educator, Co-Leader of the Upper Delaware Weston A. Price Chapter, a Health Coach graduate of Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and NOFA member, I am interested in providing information and training to help anyone interested in leading a healthy and natural lifestyle. Everything we need to be healed and healthy is provided for us in nature - we have only one Earth and we need to take care of her and she will take care of us.


Lee Reich

Springtown Farmden
Lee Reich, PhD is a scientist, an avid farmdener (more than a gardener, less than a farmer) and a book author, most recently of THE EVER CURIOUS GARDENER. In addition to providing food year ‘round, his farmden also provides a testing ground for innovative techniques in soil care, pruning, and growing fruits and vegetables, and helps satisfy his educational mandate, with workshops and training.

Ashley Rossi

Red Kill Mountain Homestead Farms
Rossi will be presenting on two topics; wild apples and water. She is looking forward to connecting with many like-minded individuals.


Akiva Silver

Twisted Tree Farm
Akiva Silver is the author of Trees of Power. He owns and operates Twisted Tree Farm where he raises thousands of trees in his nursery and maintains commercial chestnut and hazelnut orchards.


Ariana Taylor-Stanley

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
Ariana organizes with grassroots food and farm advocates across New York and New England as Northeast Regional Organizer for the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. She also co-owns and operates Here We Are Farm in Trumansburg, NY, growing vegetables for CSA and farmers markets. She is active in her community as a chapter leader of Showing Up for Racial Justice and the National Young Farmers Coalition.

Chris Trow

ADAK Software
ADAK Software founder and CEO, Chris Trow, has been immersed in the creation of production and inventory management systems and techniques, and the design of computer-based manufacturing and crop planning solutions for more than 30 years.


Ryan Voiland

Red Fire Farm
Ryan Voiland has been farming for 28 years on farmland in Montague and Granby MA. The operation has always been certified organic and in order to show our commitment to soil grown agriculture is now certified Real Organic also. Currently Red Fire Farm grows over 100 acres of crops each season including a wide assortment of vegetable crops, berries, and greenhouse crops. Produce is sold to over 1000 CSA shares, wholesale, and retail via farm store and farmers markets.


Jerry and Kristi Winquist

Local Roots Farm
Third year organic farmers.